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Wisepill + Aeris Present an IoT Medical Monitoring Webinar

February 14, 2018

The cost of dealing with patients that forget, or refuse, to take required medications runs into the millions of dollars. The World Health Organization’s research showed that nearly 50% of all patients do not adhere to medicinal intake guidelines. In addition to cost, the other obvious setback is that patients are not fully utilizing the cures provided.

The solution to this issue involves identifying instances of medicinal non-adherence and then implementing a solution that would improve intake. Easier said than done. But not impossible.

WisePill and Aeris

Wisepill is a leading medical solution provider, and the creator of the Wisepill dispenser, which is a pillbox with an embedded global GSM communication system that uses cellular and IoT technologies to provide real-time medicine management solutions. Each pillbox, associated with an individual patient, stores and forwards all messages automatically each time the dispenser is opened. That data then is securely stored and is available on a daily basis, eliminating vital wait times for insights to a patient’s medicinal intake.


Key to this entire solution is reliable, always-on, highly secure global connectivity. This allows medical practitioners to reach even the most remote locations on the planet because, sometimes, patients cannot travel.

To help procure reliable global connectivity, Wisepill turned to the Aeris IoT Connectivity platform, and Aeris AerPort, a device monitoring and management portal.

Join our featured speakers, Lloyd Marshall, CEO, Wisepill Technologies, and Syed “Z” Hosain, Chief Technical Officer, Aeris, as they cover:

  • How medication monitoring management works
  • The advantages of an IoT medical monitoring solution
  • Aeris experience in the IoT healthcare marketplace
  • Current connectivity challenges and opportunities
  • The future of remote medicine management

This partnership with Aeris means that Wisepill can provide the same high-level customer experience in every corner of the globe.”

ꟷRicci Marshall, Owner and Director, Wisepill Technologies

Additionally, the discussion will cover how Aeris was able to help Wisepill manage its connectivity devices through their entire lifecycle; allowed real-time visibility into device performance and traffic patterns; and enabled cost controls through flexible alerts and alarms.


By applying cost-saving IoT technologies with economics of scale, Wisepill now can provide affordable adherence solutions to the African continent, with plans on expanding even further.


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