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When Selecting a M2M Service Provider, the Aeris “Ultimate Guide” Is Essential

April 16, 2014

iStock_000001925982_MediumYou might believe that all machine-to-machine (M2M) service providers are the same. You might think that you will select a cellular vendor based on the lowest connectivity rates. If you do, you might be heading for trouble.

The Aeris Communications white paper, “The Ultimate Guide for Selecting a M2M Service Provider,” shows that not all M2M providers are the same and that your choice to manage your M2M initiative can make the difference between success and failure

Cellular rates for SMS and data are only the beginning. There are dozens of ways that cellular providers and MVNOs can drive up your costs.

The white paper helps you select the service provider with the capacity to manage a successful deployment, offering six questions to ask any cellular operator of MVNO during the selection process:

Topics in “The Ultimate Guide to Selecting a M2M Service Provider” include:

  • Common rate plans and their differences

  • Hidden costs and fees

  • The special needs of mobile devices

  • Troubleshooting capabilities

  • Network traffic and reliability

  • APIs and system integration

To receive “The Ultimate Guide for Selecting a M2M Service Provider,” click here. To receive a related Aeris document, “Total Cost of Ownership for M2M Deployments: A Real-World Case Study,” click here.

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