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The Problem with MVNOs, Part 3: Reliability

July 11, 2014

4140082As a machine-to-machine communications (M2M) provider, Aeris is sometimes thought of as in the same category as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). Aeris, however, offers significantly different M2M cellular network communications solutions.

A key differentiator between Aeris and a MVNO is reliability.

Companies seeking M2M services sometimes look to a MVNO as an alternative to a traditional carrier. It is true that MVNOs will be more M2M-focused with industry knowledge to offer customers. Unfortunately, they do not own or operate the core network. Since a MVNO is providing service using somebody else’s network, they do not offer any elements of the network infrastructure. Thus, the networks, the systems, the connectivity, the numbers in the cellular devices, etc., are generally owned and operated by the underlying carrier. Therefore, MVNOs cannot create the custom solutions that M2M customers need, nor can they provide detailed reports on devices.

Most importantly, at best, the MVNO’s network performance will always be the same as the performance of the underlying carrier; at worst, it may be quite limited by their contract with the carrier.

For M2M services, Aeris is a solution partner, not just a commodity MVNO or carrier. Unlike an MVNO, Aeris owns and operates its own network infrastructure for M2M services. This includes the cellular network infrastructure and service elements, as well as many other non-cellular systems and connectivity elements.

The Aeris Network was built from the ground up for machine communications only; for this reason, it is extremely reliable. Extensive testing has revealed, for example, that our success rates for delivery of SMS messages are higher than any other mobile carrier. And consumer handset traffic will never interfere with the mission-critical needs of our customers.

The expert Aeris team provides enhanced service support to ensure reliable connectivity. Its Infinity Support program, includes 24/7 support, 5 minute response time, and proactive monitoring and issue identification. Aeris Network Support Engineers have access to systems and data that provide extensive logging and monitoring functionality -- optimized for M2M, and unmatched by any MVNO or carrier. They can resolve customer issues proactively, and at a speed that MVNOs and carriers cannot match.


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