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The Internet of Things Empowered by the Internet

September 22, 2014

4140082For anyone as old as I am, the adding of AAS to a series of letters to indicate “As A Service” feels like a blast from the past. In effect, time sharing has returned in the form of the cloud.  

Now in many cases the constant goal of distinguishing yourself from all the other companies that use the word “cloud” or “platform” can be forgiven. But in some cases, the use of the terms shows the troubles we have in communicating the real assets that are brought about by the software that creates the services.

Such was the case for my discussion with Raj Kanaya discussion about the positioning of Aeris, where he is chief marketing officer. Like many companies in the M2M space the word “platform” applies, because like so many companies they have had to develop solutions that filled the gap between what they were receiving from service providers and delivering to their customers. This made them an MVNO, but in the spirit of collaboration also made them a provisioning and management solution for some cellular partners.

Enabling the flexibility to support these requirements also drove Aeris’ ability to be deliver applications and analytics. This has spurred their growth in supporting millions of devices.

Finally this brings us to the redesigned core that takes advantage of Cassandra, Hadoop and Amazon Web Services to deliver double the amount of events that they were handling on their previous implementation in a quarter of the time, with a 95 percent reduction in cost.

So what we have is a solution that can be used from cradle to grave or in conjunction with other software / services. When it comes to the Internet part of the IoT, Aeris is a company that can wholesale, integrate and manage the applications, devices and services, either as part of the service or as an interface for enterprises and operators that want to add on to the added value.

As Raj Kanaya explained, they are delivering “the Internet to the Internet of Things.” I think he communicated this well.


Carl Ford is Co-Founder of Crossfire Media focused on the impact of communication technology on consumers and industry.


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