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The Definitive Guide: The Internet of Things for Business (3rd ed.)

August 15, 2018

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  “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

― John Lennon 

Even though it wasn’t written as such, that might be the finest definition of the Internet of Things yet.

The power of connecting helped differentiate man from other animals. Our ability to socialize, to work together for safety, for food, to build great cities and empires, all originate in our ability to connect.

In this new era of the Anthropocene, where humans now are exerting dominant influence on every aspect of life, we have the ability for even greater connections so as to impact the future. And that is where the Internet of Things leaves the realm of dreams to become an integral part of everyday life.

On your business journey, starting with a product or service, heading to connected products and services, the IoT helps create the advanced environment where massive volumes of business-critical data that, once collected, processed, and analyzed, provide a guided path with new insights to efficiencies, compliance, finances. Our job with this book is to provide entry and understanding into the IoT world, helping you advance your business goals into the connected economy.

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Whether you want to attempt initial entry into the IoT-sphere, or expand existing deployments, this book can help with your goals, providing deep understanding into all aspects of the IoT.

From concept, to platform selection, to connectivity types and deployments, to data collection and analytics, to security and device lifecycle management, this IoT book defines each step of the way, simplifying the complex.

Join us on this journey. Download the latest edition of The Definitive Guide: The Internet of Things for Business (3rd ed.).