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Obstacles Facing M2M Deployment, Part 1: Complexity

October 20, 2014

Neo_LogoHistorically, M2M and IoT developers have faced a complex and fragmented industry with dated business models. This is especially true when finding a carrier or an MVNO where the norm is a lengthy sales cycle, a complex on-boarding process, and an opaque pricing model.

Not surprisingly, the traditional way of doing business has not served customers well, as they are often faced with lengthy time to market and unexpected costs as a result of misleading fees and charges.

This business model is completely at odds with the evolution of the technology industry as a whole, where service delivery, as exemplified by market leaders Amazon and Zappos, is based on openness, transparency, and simplicity.

Aeris has solved this problem with the launch of Neo, an open and transparent online marketplace for IoT and M2M connectivity. Neo opens up the massive potential of the Internet of Things by radically simplifying the development process, speeding time-to-market, and dramatically lowering costs by 50 percent or more.

The Neo online platform enables prospective customers to purchase a connectivity solution in minutes, and have a fully functional solution within a day.

Buy today, connect tomorrow, and pay as you grow. More importantly, with real-time device visibility and reporting, you’re always in complete control and able to resolve any problems quickly.

The Neo service is available now at



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