Gone Fishin’ — IoT and Modern Aquaculture

Posted by Carmi Brandis on Nov 9, 2017 2:00:00 AM
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Overfishing, ever-increasing consumer demand, pollution/climate change, and a host of other factors are threatening the world’s seafood supply. One solution that has proven effective is aquaculture, or fish farming, although it is not without controversy. While farmed seafood from many (primarily western) countries is safe, stock from unregulated or poorly regulated countries has left consumers wondering if the non-wild fish they are eating is healthy. Lab testing and investigations have uncovered cancerous chemicals, as well as human and other animal waste, in the water. On top of that, some of the fish farms were engaged in activities considered illegal in most countries.  

This is where IoT technology can offer tremendous benefits. It can optimize any aquaculture operation, plus ensure everything grown and harvested meets accepted standards.

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