SIM Form Factors & Material Grades: Determining the Proper SIM Card for Your Application

Posted by Carmi Brandis on Mar 8, 2018 5:00:00 AM
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When purchasing SIM cards for the development of an M2M application, there are a few questions that any IoT developer needs to ask: Within what environment will the device typically operate? What is the size of the device in which the SIM card will be used? And what material grade — standard or industrial — is ideal for maximum durability? For business owners applying a ready-made IoT solution to optimize operations, these developer determinations will act as a SIM card purchasing guide to achieve the best use of a device’s M2M connectivity. In order to make SIM card purchasing decisions, it is important for developers and business owners alike to understand the advantages associated with different SIM card sizes and material grades, and how each can best be used to create and implement innovative IoT solutions.

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