The Definitive Guide to the Internet of Things, Second Edition, Is Here

Posted by on Sep 8, 2016 6:00:00 AM Trystan L. Bass  
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Definitive Guide to the Internet of Things eBookGartner reports that 6.4 billion connected ‘things’ are currently in use worldwide as of 2016, and this number will reach 20.8 billion by 2020. As you get connect your IoT devices, you’ll want to understand how the Internet of Things works, from sensors to connectivity to IoT platforms. You don’t need to be an engineer yourself, but even as a project manager or executive, basic guidance on how the systems work together will empower you to create your own IoT deployment that reduces operating costs or increases revenue.

That’s why you should download the second edition of The Definitive Guide to the Internet of Things, by Syed Zaeem Hosain, Chief Technology Officer of Aeris. We’ve updated this popular eBook with even more information and advice on IoT best practices. New for the second edition are more examples of IoT in use in business today, predictions for the future of IoT, and a chapter all about connectivity management platforms – what they are and why they are crucial for scaling your IoT deployment.

In the words of Machina Research’s Founder & CEO Matt Hatton: “If you’re thinking of deploying IoT and you’re interested in making intelligent decisions then you have already made a great one in reading this book. Let Syed Hosain reset your knowledge imbalance with this comprehensive and authoritative book.”

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