TechCrunch: Internet of Things Will Reach New Heights

Posted by on Dec 4, 2014, 11:47:00 AM Jack McCarthy  
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4140082There’s no denying the Internet of Things (IoT) is on a clear growth path. The influential tech media outlet, TechCrunch, attested to the fact this week in the article, “The Internet Of Things Is Reaching Escape Velocity.”

“While the Internet of Things will inevitably ride the ups and downs of inflated hype and unmet expectations, at this stage there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle,” writer Matt Turck wrote.

Turck pointed out that IoT is being pushed by technology trends, including mobility, Big Data, open source popularity, and cloud computing. There is also a buzz behind IoT, as businesses, consumers, retailers and the media are alerted to its potential.

“Innovation is accelerating at an incredible pace in a variety of segments, such as digital health (patient monitoring), ‘invisibles’ (connected pills, connected contact lenses) and augmented reality, as well as around the enterprise and the industrial Internet (with technologies for asset tracking, energy management and machinery monitoring),” Turck wrote.

“Coupled with a push for smart cities, advancements in robotics, connected cars, aerials (drones, nanosatellites), and connectivity infrastructure the race for the internet of things space is just getting started,” he added. “Just as certain verticals are nearing critical mass, new and innovative applications are being spun up and built out.

Aeris is a pioneer and leader in the market of the Internet of Things – as an operator of end-to-end M2M services and as a technology provider enabling other operators to deliver profitable M2M services. The company has pushed IoT in a new, innovative way, with the launch of Neo, an open and transparent online marketplace for IoT and M2M connectivity. Neo simplifies the development process, speeding time-to-market, and lowers costs by 50 percent or more. The article included a chart of the IoT “ecosystem,” which included Aeris partner, Cisco.

In the months ahead, IoT promises to be spearhead for technological change. “In many ways, this is just the beginning,” Turck wrote. “A lot can go wrong, but we’re all in for an exciting ride.”

To learn more about Neo, click here.

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