Save Time and Money With Connectivity Management for Your IoT Project

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM Dayna Verstegen  
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Neo_Blog_AerCloudDashboard.jpgGetting online and connected is only the start for any Internet of Things plan.  Neo’s self-serve marketplace makes it easy to purchase SIMs and the data you need for your IoT devices, but that’s not the end of the process. With Neo, you also get connectivity management via the cloud-based AerPort platform from Aeris.

AerPort is an award-winning IoT device monitoring and management portal that gives you complete control over your IoT program. You’ll get real-time visibility into device performance and traffic patterns, and you can control costs through flexible alerts and alarms. These capabilities result in greater operational efficiency, higher levels of automation, and ultimately, much lower cost.

With one click of the AerPort dashboard, you’ll have access to an array of information, including:

  • Which of your devices are currently active and inactive on the network
  • The health status of your data and SMS connectivity, APIs, and other core network elements
  • The usage trends among your devices

Time and again, AerPort’s advanced functionality delivers a transformative impact on your Neo IoT program.

AerPort provides the device management capabilities you need, whether you have 10 Neo SIMs or 10,000. You can:

  • Ping your device to determine whether or not it is reachable over the network
  • Initiate a network registration reset, forcing your device to reconnect to the network
  • Send a test SMS to determine whether your device is capable of receiving messages such as these

Basically, if you see an issue, AerPort can help you address it. With Neo’s self-serve IoT marketplace and AerPort’s connectivity management portal, your IoT program will be ready to go.

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