RCR Wireless News: Neo Uses Amazon Web Services Model for IoT Services

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 2:58:00 PM Jack McCarthy  
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Neo_Logo-1With the launch of Neo Tuesday, Aeris is following the on-demand, web-services delivery model of IT resources and apps in a pay-as-you go, Amazon Web Services model, RCR Wireless News says.

Neo is providing these services in the context of celluar connectivity for the Internt of Things (IoT), wrote Claudia Bacco.

“When looking to launch an IoT solution today the search for connectivity can be complicated and costly,” Bacco wrote. “Neo is targeting any connectivity customer – whether a developer just getting started or a solution provider with thousands of IoT devices already deployed – who are looking for a single stop to meet their requirements. Aeris claims a reduction in costs of 50% or more and a much faster time to market.”

Bacco said the next step will be to ensure Neo’s benefits are understood by the market.

“There is certainly a great deal of flexibility and ease of use with this on-demand model. I will be interested to see how the adoption process goes. I believe there will be a requirement for a good deal of market awareness to educate potential customers as to the benefits of this solution,” she wrote. “Given Aeris is already in the market with other IoT and machine-to-machine connectivity solutions the challenge will hopefully not be too steep."

Added Bacco: “The benefits of Neo are quite apparent, hopefully the market will understand the opportunity and join in.”

The Neo service is available now at http://neo.aeris.com.

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