Light Reading Gives Neo High Marks

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 12:59:00 PM Jack McCarthy  
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Neo_Logo-1Light Reading, the respected networking and telecom sector publication, covered Aeris Communications’ launch of Neo Tuesday, commending the new self-service, online marketplace for IoT and M2M connectivity for its innovative approach toward making the process of introducing IoT applications less complex and less expensive.

“At this stage in the development of the IoT sector when the precise role of mobile network operators is still a bit unclear -- at least in terms of going beyond providing network connectivity to play a role in application enablement and service operation -- Aeris appears to be ahead of the game,” wrote Jason Meyers, senior editor.

By speeding the process of getting a program up and running at a low cost and making that scalable, Aeris may appeal to small organizations that can’t afford to wade through a drawn out process for connectivity with a carrier or an MVNO.

“Neo could give Aeris access to smaller companies and app developers trying to bring services to market and use the Aeris network for connectivity,” Meyers wrote.

The Neo service is available now at

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