CRN: Aeris Neo Affiliate Program Breaks IoT/M2M Logjam for Partners

Posted by on Jan 28, 2015, 11:20:26 AM Jack McCarthy  
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Neo_Logo-1The partner-focused technology news company CRN this week reported that Aeris is tapping into a burgeoning opportunity enabling solution providers, distributors and device manufacturers to easily access and offer to their customers IoT/M2M cellular connectivity through its Neo Affiliate Program.

In the article, “Aeris Sets Up Recurring IoT Revenue For Channel With New Partner Program,” CRN outlined how the program enables partners in the Internet of Things ecosystem to integrate Neo into their solutions and sales processes. With Neo, M2M customers can quickly purchase and set up connections at a low cost.

This streamlined service will accelerate the adoption of IoT/M2M service for partners. "VARs will make money in the IoT and M2M markets in the same way they've done in previous technology areas -- by integrating various components from a variety of vendors to develop and deliver specialized solutions to meet the needs of specific industries or solve particular business process issues," said Jeff Kaplan, managing director of Wellesley, Mass.-based THINKstrategies.

The article also quoted Bryan Eagle, vice president of business development and communications of the Queensland, Canadian-based manufacturing company MultiTech Systems, a vendor partner, who endorsed Neo because it allows a service that can self-activate and users can easily manage in a fast-growing market.

"There is explosive growth and interest in M2M and IoT-enabled devices," said Eagle. "Aeris has been recently pretty aggressive in coming up with new tools like this that are going to help us accelerate our hardware deployment … People that want to do development around this, people who are light users of cellular connectivity can manage themselves by going to a website."

The Neo Affiliate program is designed to make it as easy as possible for partners to get into the IoT/M2M business, explained Raj Kanaya, Aeris CMO. "For example, a reseller sells some devices to a company, that company then connects through Neo based on a referral from that reseller. Then as long as that program is alive for that reseller, they're getting a percent of the revenue that we take in a monthly basis," said Kanaya. "So it's a way for them to increase profitability that they just didn't have before."

For Aeris partners like Eagle, the program makes sense.  

“A platform like Neo and this affiliate program,” Eagle said, “allows us to provide quick, reliable and affordable connectivity options to our customers for one to thousands of devices with just a click."

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