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Posted by on Oct 19, 2017, 5:00:00 AM Carmi Brandis  
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How do I connect? Is my data secure? I have differing technologies, how will that impact my business as it relates to the Internet of Things (IoT)?

With the emergence and growth of the IoT, people want to know about the basics and then some because, as they say, the devil is in the details. On Nov2, 2017, Aeris will present a Connectivity Management webinar to explain many of the nuances associated with connectivity, platforms, and the overall ability to view and control the entire IoT process — from provisioning to deployment to data collection and storage to analytics and billing. Our subject matter experts define the issues, take a look at the challenges, and then provide insights to solutions proven on a global scale.

Business Needs

When discussing IoT issues with businesses, they can list some of their concerns in no time flat. Multiple technologies, visibility and control issues, performance capabilities, cost controls, and security always are mentioned. And how do you deal with these issues when the problem grows exponentially bigger when scaling in involved?

The impact of new technologies can be confusing even to veterans of the IoT sector, so most businesses need some help in understanding low-power wide area networks (LPWA), or NB-IoT, or hybrid connectivity solutions involving cellular and Wi-Fi, for example. The confusion turns to panic when they think they might need multiple platforms and multiple technicians to control the process. They don’t.


Multiple Technologies, One Platform

Providers and carriers have created a mixed technology world, one which requires a seamless platform for an optimized, scalable solution. Even though management capabilities exist for each technology choice, managing multiple platforms is inefficient and increases operational costs. A single platform solution, on the other hand, provides visibility and control across all deployments, ensuring high and consistent performance across the entire process. And, one platform, with the ability to quickly identify issues and fix them, enables better solution design with a lower TCO.

So join us as we explain the issues surrounding connectivity management, as well as some insight to the new technologies coming to the marketplace.

Register for our Connectivity Management webinar here.

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