Build a Better Aquarium: Automating your Saltwater and Freshwater Tanks with Cellular IoT

Posted by on Nov 16, 2017 5:00:00 AM Carmi Brandis  
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The New York Times estimates that there are approximately 700,000 home saltwater aquariums in the United States. When maintained responsibly with specimens obtained from ethical vendors, aquariums can be a great way to learn more about the biodiversity of our planet. Long-time fish owners understand the special wonder of bringing the ocean into their home, and those building an aquarium for the first time are sure to quickly become enchanted with their watery pets.

Aquariums even can be a great way to teach younger family members about caring for animals or getting the whole family involved in learning more about aquatic life. However, much work must take place behind the scenes to replicate a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment for captive fish and the plants that sustain them. Fortunately, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers many do-it-yourself solutions for setting up an aquarium that is easier to monitor, clean, and regulate.

Do you want to make sure that your fish are cared for? A Neo SIM card cellular network is your best bet for checking in on your fish remotely. Neo’s self-service plans are easy to maintain, with SIM cards that ship directly to your home. Choose between 2G, 3G, and 4G plans and directly control and monitor everything that happens with your tank from anywhere in the world.


Tank Set-Up: Options, Upgrades, and Accessories

What kind of control options are available to you with cellular IoT? Perhaps the most important change you can make to your tank is to add a SIM card-linked food dispenser. Electronic, waterproof dispensers are readily available on the market and can be set to release food on schedule. While most tools on the market are manufactured to connect with your home’s Wi-Fi, these dispensers can be adapted to become SIM card compatible. Similarly, nitrate monitors can be adapted for SIM card use to keep track of the health of your tank. Want to make sure your tank or pond stays clean while you’re gone? Try linking your oxygenators, pumps, and tank vacuums to the network as well. 

Ready to take your tank system to the next level? With 4G SIM card connectivity, you can stream live video of your tank to the cloud. In the same way, you even can control the lighting in your tank to simulate day and night for your aquatic pets. Need to make sure the salinity of your tank stays consistent? Add your salt dispenser and salinity monitor to the system and never worry whether your saltwater friends are healthy and safe. Additionally, you can set and monitor temperature with SIM card-linked temperature control systems.

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If you have outdoor habitats, you’ll be able to link those with our SIM card system as well. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi connections, cellular connections can operate in just about any environment while experiencing fewer outages and less downtime. With these simple SIM card additions, you’ll be able to care for your specimens from your own cell phone, tablet, or computer—wherever you are in the world.

Planning your Neo Network

Neo is a great way to get started on your do-it-yourself tank system. Just go online to check coverage in your area and select the price point and connectivity that’s right for you. With Neo, there are no contracts to tie you down, and you’ll be able to buy your SIM cards outright. When you’re ready to link your cards to the net, simply follow these easy steps and add the cards to your preferred network provider.

Whether you are using our cards indoors for traditional tank aquariums or outdoors with Koi ponds or other habitats, with SIM card automation and monitoring, you’ll never again need to worry whether your fish are being cared for in your absence. Best of all, our SIM cards ship directly to your home, and we even offer a live, community driven user support forum. Ready to get started? Talk to one of our service representatives today.

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