Activate Neo SIMs in Three Steps

Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 8:00:00 AM Drew Johnson  
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Neo IoT SIMsYou’ve got your Neo SIMs – it’s easy to active them and get started with your IoT project. There’s three essential but straightforward steps to take, and then you’ll be up and running on the Internet of Things. Here’s an overview.

1. Assign SIMs to Your Account

Every SIM is unique. When you received your SIM packages, it had an information sheet with a unique code for your SIMs. The first step to activate these SIMs is to enter that code into AerPort, our connectivity management platform for IoT devices.

You can sign in to Aerport with the same email address and password you used to ordered your SIM cards. Once logged in, navigate to the AerPort Dashboard tab, and for each of your SIM packages, enter the unique Aeris code that’s on the information sheet. Click Assign.  See the process here or in this video.


2. Program Your IoT Device With the Neo APN

The APN or Access Point Name for Neo is, and the next step is to connect your device with the APN. Start by inserting the SIM in your device’s SIM card holder. Then connect your computer to the device’s AT command console using the RS232 or USB port.

All you have to do is use a terminal emulator to program in the APN

For more info, including how to program the APN using an unlocked Android handset, check this FAQ or watch this video.


3. Transmit a Packet Data Session

This is really a test to make sure your device can connect. Since AT command sets aren’t the same for all radio modules, you’ll need to onsult the AT command guide for your device. Just follow the instructions under PDP Context Activation in the AT command guide for your IoT device. You can also get more info here or in this video.


After this short process, your Neo SIMs will be ready to go! If you’re planning to put more than 2,000 operational devices on our network, you should find out about the certification requirements. Otherwise, go forth and develop your IoT solutions with Neo SIMs. Don’t forget, you can join the Neo Support Community to share and connect with other Neo developers.

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