3 Neo Tips From Neo Users

Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 12:26:00 PM Elle Wood  
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M2M1The Neo community can be a valuable source of information that is sometimes overlooked.  Here are highlights of tips from Neo users that may be particularly helpful.  According to Neo customers, the ease of use and flexibility is among their favorite characteristics of Neo, the online marketplace for the Internet of Things (IoT). They don’t have to wait for a sales rep, sign contracts, or commit to any volume. They hop on the fast lane and head straight to deployment in a matter of days.

But the Internet of Things is complex. Regardless of what lane you’re in, the road may have construction in some parts, and there’s no way around it. Or so you thought. Don’t let speed bumps seem like road blocks. Here are three tips for maneuvering through it all, as told by Neo customers.


Tip #1: Neo SIM Answering SMS as Landline

I am having an issue sending update commands to the devices via SMS. SMS is not disabled, I verified the correct MSISDN, I text the command from a authorized phone and my Verizon account answers....

"183506**** is a landline #. Reply Y to send all TXT messages to this # as voice 
messages for 0.25/msg. + std msg fee. Details @ vtext.com, TexttoLandline"

Any problems with this before?.”

As an IoT security feature, the Neo connectivity service doesn't support MT SMS from a handset. This protects devices from potentially abusive network activity from external handsets.


You can, however, send SMS to your device two ways:

  • Via the AerFrame API
  • Via the green Send SMS button on the device diagnostics page for your device


Tip #2:  Command for Registered Devices to Send Data

“I have several GPS/OBD loggers that have the Quectel M35 modem; the two devices show as registered, but will not send data.  Anyone have suggestions?”

Depending on how users are making a PPP connection prior to attempting a packet data session, they might need to enter commands to get connected. Here’s the command to make a successful connection for the Quectel M35 modem:

atd *99***1#


Tip #3: Unlock Android: Enable Data Roaming

“When I try to access www.aeris.com I get the following response:
You are offline WiFi and mobile data are turned off.

The Aeris IoT / M2M network does NOT carry consumer handset traffic. However, this example demonstrates how to confirm quickly that your Aeris SIM is operational in the Aeris network using an Android handset. Note: This tip is only meant to be used at a current point in time and not a long-term solution. Enable Data Roaming on the Android device to help you get connected. Need a step-by-step guide? Check out the Knowledge Base for a tutorial!


There are currently many conversations with tips like these that can be found in the Neo community, so add your voice here. Want tutorials, sample codes, and APIs? The support secton has what you need. Not a Neo member? Your account is free! What are you waiting for? Jump in the fast lane of IoT and sign up today.