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Minimizing TCO in M2M, the Aeris Way

April 10, 2014

iStock_000026314203LargeProviding your customers with the most reliable machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity at the lowest cost is not as simple as it should be. The job becomes even more difficult when your connected devices must regularly cross borders. Connected World magazine is showcasing an Aeris Communications white paper, “The Truth About Roaming,” that outlines the global challenges roaming can pose on M2M solutions.

No matter what your business, deploying a (M2M) application is complex. You may have negotiated myriad rate plans by geographic region and data needs, but you are still suffering under the unexpected costs from roaming.

Why? Despite all the friendly talk, traditional cellular operators around the world make a great deal of money on overages caused by roaming. If you want to protect your company from these perils, you need to know the truth about roaming.

In fact, few operators are capable of supporting reliable global M2M programs with predictable costs.

The white paper shows Aeris Communications has anticipated this need and offers end-to-end solutions that take the worry out of global deployments.

To view a real world case study of how Aeris provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, click here.

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