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IoT Gives Business the Edge, According to New Survey

October 29, 2015

vbsurveyblogMost enterprise IT decision-makers -- 71% -- feel their organization’s Internet of Things (IoT) strategy gives them a competitive edge over their competitors. That’s just one of the insights gathered by research firm Vanson Bourne for Aeris in a study now available. We had 300 executives from the United States and the United Kingdom polled to examine IoT’s perceived impact on business in the year ahead, as well as to determine how perspectives on IoT have evolved since 2013.

While some in the media say IoT is merely hype, those in the industry clearly feel that connecting devices on a broad scale can unlock potential and increase revenue. In this survey, 74% of all respondents said that IoT will provide them with the opportunity to better meet key business objectives in the coming year. The main difference was between American and British execs. In the US, 86% felt that IoT would help their organizations in 2016, while in the UK, only 51% agreed.

Challenges of Implementing IoT in Business

While IoT may be a boon for industry, implementation remains a challenge across the board. One of the top concerns is ensuring pervasive connectivity, provisioning devices, and device management, according to 78% of those surveyed. Similarly, 76% find that integrating IoT applications with enterprise-wide data and application systems is an ongoing issue.

As the IoT ecosystem grows, challenges become more complex. Since last surveyed in 2013, executives find that developing IoT applications and enabling them for different platforms is even more difficult. 76% find this a challenge today versus 69% two years ago. Another increasing problem is collecting, managing, and storing the data from IoT device sensors. 72% of those surveyed in 2015 find this a challenge versus 68% in 2013. Even if a business can gather that sensor data, analyzing the application-specific sensor data and connectivity data to gain useful insights remains a challenge for 72% of all those polled. This is an increase from the 68% who found this an issue in 2013.

The survey revealed at least one thing has gotten easier in the past few years. In 2013, 72% of IT decision-makers found that building IoT devices and the required sensor hardware was a challenge, but today, only 66% consider this a problem.

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