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IoT Connectivity Management – What You Need to Know

June 16, 2016

IoT Connectivity Management PlatformsGetting your Internet of Things devices connected is just the beginning to running a complete IoT program. Once they’re online, you want to know what those things are doing, are they running efficiently, are there problems, how much data are they using, how much is this going to cost, and more. Clarity and insight into your IoT deployment is essential to managing the product lifecycle. Let’s look at the crucial elements of an IoT connectivity management platform that you should look for.

Device Management

Your IoT connectivity management platform should, at a minimum, allow you to easily control the status of all your devices. For example, Aeris’ AerPort platform lets you provision devices, activate and start billing, suspend or cancel devices all from one simple dashboard. This kind of device management is the heart of any IoT system since devices are often placed in remote, dispersed locations, meaning you’ll need to control them from a centralized home base.

Traffic Management

Turning devices on and off is merely the start. Knowing how much data each device is using and being able to analyze device traffic patterns lets you understand the performance of your entire IoT program. This provides groundwork for billing information and uncovers root cause cost drivers.


The first two parts of an IoT connectivity management platform are the information upon which you should be able to create real-time alerts on device activity. In Aeris’ AerPort platform, you configure alters for customized, proactive control of your IoT system, giving you real-time visibility into network activity. These alerts can notify you of problematic devices, so you can take immediate action, such as a network re-registration or SMS commands.


A well-equipped IoT connectivity management platform, such as AerPort, will automatically provide daily and monthly summary and detailed reports with rated billing events. It will also let you create customized reports on the device details, traffic costs, and device traffic that fit your own IoT project’s needs.

Are you looking for the right IoT connectivity management platform? Find out how Aeris can help with our award-winning AerPort platform.

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