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How Aeris Tops MVNOs: Services

October 01, 2014

iStock_000026314203LargeSome people confuse Aeris with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), a natural mistake because both offer networked cellular connectivity. But, while both provide machine-to-machine (M2M) network services, they are organized along different business models.

Aeris is essentially a one-stop-shop business for customers who need IP data services, SMS, and voice for M2M applications and devices. This model provides key benefits to customers in ways MVNOs just can’t offer.

All functions and services are provided directly from Aeris, ranging from sales support, device provisioning and activation, network operational support, assistance with devices, etc.

This makes Aeris the easiest to work with for M2M deployments—unlike MVNOs, whose functions are confusingly split between them and the underlying Carrier. Aeris’s focus on M2M also gives us an advantage over the carriers who focus on consumer devices, along with a list of other business services.

In contrast, MVNOs do not own or operate the core network. Since MVNO is providing service using somebody else’s network, they do not offer any elements of the network infrastructure. Thus, the networks, the systems, the connectivity, the numbers in the cellular devices, etc., are generally owned and operated by the underlying carrier. Therefore, MVNOs cannot create the custom solutions that M2M customers need, nor can they provide detailed reports on devices.

Most importantly, at best, the MVNO’s network performance will always be the same as the performance of the underlying carrier; at worst, it may be quite limited by their at worst, it may be quite limited by their contract with the carrier.

Aeris owns and operates the largest North American cellular network built from the ground up exclusively for machines, and is expanding globally. It does not support any consumer traffic or handsets. Aeris solutions include both the network services and the tools necessary for the most demanding and mission-critical M2M communications. Because Aeris operates the underlying network infrastructure, it is able to make rapid modifications to meet its customers’ needs.

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