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How Aeris Tops MVNOs: Aeris Owns and Operates its own Network

October 09, 2014

iStock_000026314203LargeAeris is sometimes confused with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), an understandable misconception because both offer networked cellular connectivity. But unlike MVNOs, Aeris owns and operates its network infrastructure for its M2M services. This includes all the cellular network infrastructure and service elements, as well as many other non-cellular systems and connectivity elements, in support of the M2M service.

For example, device number assignments are done by Aeris and stored in the systems owned and operated by Aeris—unlike MVNOs that use number assignments from the underlying carrier, and which are stored in the carrier network and billing systems.

Essentially, all device presence, authentication, and operation on cellular networks are managed and controlled by Aeris network infrastructure elements. Indeed, operating our own network elements allows Aeris to provide innovative and unique solutions that are just not possible from MVNOs, and even Carriers.

Since an MVNO is providing service using somebody else’s network, under a contracted agreement, there is no need for them to deploy any infrastructure elements for that network.

Thus, the networks, the systems, the connectivity, the numbers in the phone, etc., are generally owned and operated by the underlying Carrier. Because the network is owned by the Carrier, the MVNO performance will always be the same as the performance of the underlying Carrier.

Carriers manage their services and pricing for mobile consumer handsets, not machines. Meaning they do not serve M2M applications well since their priority is higher-revenue consumer handsets. They cannot create unique, technical solutions nor can they cater to their customer’s business model.

Furthermore, because traditional carriers focus on mobile handsets rather than machines, it is possible that their network will become flooded with handset traffic. This handset traffic hinders machines’ ability to communicate reliably.

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