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Greater Opportunities with LTE and 5G

September 20, 2017

Future generations of wireless connectivity systems will far surpass what we have available today. And that future is not too far off. To make better use of the available cellular spectrum, companies will sunset existing protocols (i.e., 2G) for newer, faster, and more secure technologies.

Rethinking the Spectrum: Benefits and Challenges

LTE and 5G will provide even greater benefits than the generations that came before. With 5G, we gain greater transactional speeds (uploading and downloading rates) that will reach 10Gbit/s. Latency will be reduced to less than 1ms. Billions more connections will exist. Security will be heightened, with multi-level data encryption. Battery life will be extended significantly. And reliability will get even better, even with ubiquitous roaming.

LTE 2.jpg

The 5G networks being planned now probably will operate in a high-frequency band of the wireless spectrum. So far, however, there are no established standards for 5G deployments from the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3PGG).

The initial and most obvious advantage is that 5G will transfer vast amounts of data at even higher speeds. But transfer distances will be less than lower-frequency protocols and there might be some issues with interference, such as walls, buildings, or underground locations.

Additional challenges that need to be addressed include few compatible devices, scarcity of spectrum availability, and the network infrastructure required to support these high data rates. But the advantages will far outweigh the negatives.


New Pathways, Unlimited Opportunities

The IoT provides incredible new pathways for businesses and consumers alike, and LTE and 5G will play a significant role. The first arrival of 5G network specifications is expected around the end of 2018, with widespread deployment geared for 2020. Usage will move past just smart phones to include video streaming and conferencing, automotive, medical, virtual reality, new mobile devices, and much more—creating opportunities for new use cases yet unimagined.

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