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Machine-to-Machine Communications Power "Smart Irrigation" Trend

September 30, 2014

4140082Irrigation costs and prices are rising around the world as water becomes an ever more valuable resource. This reality has given rise to the practice “smart irrigation,” enabling more precise and efficient use of water and energy, and offering the option for water conservancy and reduction of operating costs for farming, industrial, commercial and residential irrigation.

To maximize the efficient use of water, irrigation providers are developing the most efficient irrigation control management systems possible.

The industry brief, “Introduction to Smart Irrigation,” outlines this trend and shows how Aeris is playing lead role in providing M2M cellular connectivity for smart irrigation systems, working with more than a dozen manufacturers of irrigation systems.

Also included is a case study showing how irrigation systems provider Weathermatic, of Garland, Texas, partnered with Aeris to replace its AT&T 2G GSM service with the Aeris CDMA

Network use Aeris’ AerPort management platform to reduce costs and improve efficiency of operations.


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