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Harvard Business School Review: Companies Must Alter Business Models To Leverage IoT/M2M

The Harvard Business School Review often publishes blogs about the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications issues and last week, Joey Fitts, used the forum to address the challenges some companies have in entering the world of IoT/M2M.

“One of the biggest obstacles is that traditional functional departments often can’t...

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The One Quality to Avoid in M2M Patient Monitoring Providers

There are many keys to a successful deployment of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, which we covered in a recent post on the Beginner’s Guide to Understanding M2M Connectivity for Remote Patient Monitoring.

With all these things in mind, what’s the one thing you should avoid when you’re choosing a provider for your RPM devices?

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Cellular Connectivity or SD Cards: Which M2M Data Upload is Best?

Technology is rapidly changing i n the M2M industry and, where we once saw SD cards as the best way to transmit data back to your company’s IT network, cellular connectivity is becoming the new standard.
Of course SD cards have their benefits. For example, with SD cards you can control the storage size of the device and upgradesare easier than...
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Obstacles Facing M2M Deployment, Part 2: Costs

One of the biggest barriers hampering the explosive potential of the next generation of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions has been the opaque pricing models presented to potential customers by MVNOs and carriers.

In the past, those wishing to access M2M / IoT connectivity often faced a maze of volume requirements,...

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Obstacles Facing M2M Deployment, Part 1: Complexity

Historically, M2M and IoT developers have faced a complex and fragmented industry with dated business models. This is especially true when finding a carrier or an MVNO where the norm is a lengthy sales cycle, a complex on-boarding process, and an opaque pricing model.

Not surprisingly, the traditional way of doing business has not served customers...

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M2M Communications Plays a Key Role in "Smart" Solar Energy Delivery

The residential and commercial solar energy market is expanding rapidly as this energy source gains acceptance as a mainstream, cost-effective alternative to carbon fuels.

A new industry brief, "Introduction to "Smart Solar Energy," shows how cellular, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications are fast-emerging as the preferred networks for solar...

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Enforce Patient Compliance

If you’re a healthcare company today, the Affordable Care Act has probably had a tremendous impact on your operations. From clinical to administrative procedures, there’s been sweeping reform to ensure patients get better treatment and industry costs are reduced.

Patient compliance has a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry in three main...

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4 Ways Cellular-Based Monitoring Improves Patient Compliance

At Aeris, we work with healthcare providers to ensure their M2M cellular applications and devices support both their business and patient compliance goals. Our solutions support remote patient monitoring and compliance efforts, helping the healthcare industry reduce costs and provide better care for patients.

The best part is that these M2M...

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How Aeris Tops MVNOs: Aeris Owns and Operates its own Network

Aeris is sometimes confused with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), an understandable misconception because both offer networked cellular connectivity. But unlike MVNOs, Aeris owns and operates its network infrastructure for its M2M services. This includes all the cellular network infrastructure and service elements, as well as many other...

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Top Challenges Collecting Patient Data Using Traditional Methods for Remote Patient Monitoring

M2M cellular connectivity is a best practice choice for healthcare providers and companies that are looking to monitor their patients’ health. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has been proven to improve health outcomes and reduce overall costs across the healthcare industry.

However, there are still many M2M devices using older, more traditional...

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Reliable M2M Networks Essential for Smart Parking, Report Shows

Smart parking systems that can cut city congestion by locating and offering open spaces for drivers are projected to experience burgeoning growth and machine-to-machine (M2M) cellular network solutions that support such systems are expected to see similar increases.

The Aeris industry brief, ”Cellular Technology Powers Growth in Smart Parking...

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Beginner’s Guide: M2M Modems and Modules for Remote Patient Monitoring

As wireless networks and products become an increasingly large part of our everyday lives, cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) technology is replacing PSTN lines as the choice of connecting the remote patient monitoring devices at patient homes.

Cellular M2M communications enable the transmission of data from in-home patient monitoring devices for...

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5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Capture Patient Compliance Data

Because patient compliance is such a hot topic in the healthcare and technology industries, we thought we’d share some of the easy ways these applications and devices can capture and improve compliance.

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How Aeris Tops MVNOs: Services

Some people confuse Aeris with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), a natural mistake because both offer networked cellular connectivity. But, while both provide machine-to-machine (M2M) network services, they are organized along different business models.

Aeris is essentially a one-stop-shop business for customers who need IP data services,...

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