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Aeris Webinar: Taking the Company to the Next Level

July 25, 2014

iStock_000002195721_LargeBusiness leaders want their companies to break out of their plateau and get to the next stage of growth. Next week, Aeris and M2M Evolution magazine will host a webinar to offer machine-to-machine (M2M) communications companies ways to do just that.

The webinar, “You Sold Your First 1000 Devices? Now What?” takes place at 10 AM PT / 1 PM / 18:00 UT, July 31, and will offer practical advice for companies managing small M2M or IOT programs that want to make their programs more valuable to customers and of course, more profitable.

The free webinar features Syed Hosain “Z” Hosain as presenter, and Carl Ford, CEO of Crossfire Media as moderator.

The speakers address the key items to consider when planning for and executing on the growth of your connected program, like product manufacturing, billing, device selection and testing, and human capital management. They will provide you with a framework for considering questions like:

•   How can I plan for growth?

•   What services should I outsource?

•   How should I measure success?

•   When is the right time to grow?

•   How do I identify new revenue opportunities?

The speakers will wrap up the session with a look at the future. Industry analysts are predicting billions of connected devices in the next decade. How will we get there? How big is the opportunity in your industry? What industries will scale most quickly?

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