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Aeris’ Drew Johnson Cited in The Wall Street Journal

September 24, 2014

Drew_Johnson_Pic1-1News that Larry Ellison was stepping down as CEO of Oracle sparked an examination of the future of the database company in The Wall Street Journal, and Aeris’ Drew Johnson provided some expert insight for the story last week.

The article, “Once Again, Oracle Must Reinvent Itself,” asked whether Oracle, long the gold standard in the database market, is losing ground. New technologies may be better able to manage Big Data, which encompasses digital information from sensors, networked communications, web traffic, and Internet-connected machines, the report said.  

Johnson, the driving force for much of the technology innovation that drives the machine-to-machine cellular network connectivity that Aeris provides, including the management of millions of sensors transmitting an ocean of data, gave a succinct summary of the new technologies that threaten Oracle.

“For instance, Aeris Communications Inc. uses a free database technology known as Apache Cassandra to gather data and analyze it in ways for which Oracle's products are ill-suited,” The Wall Street Journal wrote. “Aeris crunches data from electric meters, for example, and alerts utility companies of usage patterns that may signal a problem with the power grid.

“’Oracle software couldn't handle the flood of data at a reasonable cost,’ said Drew Johnson, Aeris's vice president of engineering,’” the newspaper added.

“’Fifteen years ago, there was no question: If you want to store data, you go to Oracle,’ Mr. Johnson said. “I ask my [software] architects, 'Build something to handle a billion things.' When you look at that kind of scale, Oracle is no longer the best.’"


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