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5 Incredibly Easy Ways to Capture Patient Compliance Data

October 02, 2014

file0001980941201Because patient compliance is such a hot topic in the healthcare and technology industries, we thought we’d share some of the easy ways these applications and devices can capture and improve compliance.

Compliance is improved partly because of the massive amount of data new medical devices and mHealth applications can collect. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications work anytime and anywhere. This means patients are always able to share data about their health and treatment, both voluntarily and involuntarily.

These devices and applications can be broken down into a five main categories:

1. Dedicated devices for remote patient monitoring with embedded communications like CRM devices, CPAP machine, blood glucose monitors, ECG monitors

    - Example: ResMed CPAP Machine – Home device that monitors sleep to help diagnose sleep apnea   and other disorders

2. Home Health hubs- these devices talk to multiple health devices at home, including blood pressure monitors, scales, and oximeters

   - Example: Bosch Health Buddy – Home device that monitors several vital signs and supports positive behavior change

3. mHealth applications to help people and providers monitor their health via smartphones and tablets  

  - Example: PT Pal  - An app that helps physical therapists work with patients outside of treatment centers, improving compliance and satisfaction

4. New at-home devices for consumers to monitor all kinds of things like your weight

 - Example: Fitbit Aria  -This wireless scale transmits data about your weight, body fat percentage and BMI to your phone or computer

5. Wearable devices that provide health information based on your day-to-day activities

 - Apple Watch - The new Apple Watch provides a constant snapshot of your fitness and overall health by monitoring heart rate, calories burned and more 

Aeris can be a strong M2M cellular partner for many of these categories, particularly for solutions relying on devices for remote patient monitoring and home health hubs. We look forward to a future with more M2M data in need of cellular connectivity. Aeris is carrier-agnostic, dedicated to finding the best solution for its customers, and offers world-class remote troubleshooting as well as a dedicated M2M network.

Looking to learn more about how the benefits of cellular connectivity for your healthcare organization? Come explore our resource library and contact us today!


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