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3 Reasons Why You Need to Enforce Patient Compliance

October 16, 2014

4140082If you’re a healthcare company today, the Affordable Care Act has probably had a tremendous impact on your operations. From clinical to administrative procedures, there’s been sweeping reform to ensure patients get better treatment and industry costs are reduced.

Patient compliance has a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry in three main areas:

1. Overall Healthcare Costs

  • Improved compliance, like medication adherence, reduces overall costs because taking the medication prescribed by doctors helps patients meet their health outcomes and reduces the likelihood of returned hospital visits or even more costly ER visits.

  • The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation found that non-adherence to medication creates nearly $290 billion dollars per year in avoidable spending. That’s approximately 13% of total healthcare spending in the United States.

2. Healthier Patient Outcomes

  • As with medication adherence, patient compliance with a doctor’s treatment recommendations leads to healthier outcomes and a reduced burden on the healthcare system.

  • Patients who use medical devices at home, often via M2M cellular communications, are more likely to be proactive in their own health and need fewer doctor visits.

 3. Improved Administration

  • Patients who are using M2M technology to stay compliant place less of an administrative burden on healthcare providers. For example, less data has to be manually entered in the office because of automated M2M systems.

  • Insurance companies also have more access and better visibility on patient compliance data, reducing their workflows which translates to lower patient and taxpayer costs.

Aeris has extensive experience working to help healthcare companies improve patient compliance via M2M cellular connectivity. Our customer list of in-home healthcare solution providers includes SimplyHome, Bosch, ResMed, GTX, iRythmn, Live Free Home Health Care and Astute.

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