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3 Qualities Every M2M Health Provider Needs for the Best Remote Monitoring Solution

September 11, 2014

iStock_000026314203LargeWith advanced technology making its way into the healthcare industry, the use of remote patient monitoring (RPM) continues to grow rapidly. RPM is being used around the world to monitor and help treat chronic health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. As the aging population increases in numbers, the prevalence of these conditions increases as well, in turn skyrocketing healthcare costs. RPM allows for consistent patient monitoring, outside of a healthcare facility, improving patient care and allowing patients with chronic conditions to continue to live independently at home.

When considering a remote monitoring solution, a M2M health provider should see it meets the following three requirements to ensure it performs successfully:

1. Reliable Coverage

Your RPM solution must provide reliable coverage across the globe. If coverage is spotty, patient data may not be transmitted as timely as it should be, if at all, defeating the purpose of remote patient monitoring and hindering patients' progress and/or quality of life.

Coverage that spans major cities is beneficial, but it is important to remember that patients live in all areas throughout the world, from the city to the country and in between. Reliable, global coverage will help guarantee that patient data is transmitted in real-time and is able to reach healthcare providers.

2. Device Management Platform

In addition to reliable coverage, your RPM solution should be managed on a robust platform that can handle a large number of remote monitoring devices operating in the field.

Device management should include the ability to view device status in real time, realize connectivity issues and troubleshoot remotely.

3. Device Life Cycle Management

Your remote monitoring solution should also offer management of devices throughout its lifecycle. This should include your ability to:

• Test the devices in-house
• Pre-activate and ship devices, without incurring costs
• Trigger automatic billing when a patient begins using a device in their home
• Suspend billing when the device is not in use

Choosing an effective remote monitoring solution is key to an organization's ability to consistently and accurately monitor patients' health. Reliable coverage, a robust device management platform and the ability to manage any device throughout its lifecycle will ensure accurate, timely transmission and management of patient data to healthcare providers.

Interested in learning more about how a remote monitoring solution can improve the lives of your patients while also cutting your organization's costs? Schedule your free consultation to see what Aeris can do for you.


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