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2G GSM Sunset: A Call to Action for M2M Healthcare Providers

June 02, 2014

file0001980941201M2M health care and PERS service providers, which commonly use low-cost 2G GSM connectivity, are being forced to reconsider their network connectivity arrangements because AT&T has announced a shutdown of their 2G GSM cellular network in the U.S. at the end of 2016. In fact, that shutdown has already begun.

Last year, AT&T stopped certifying new 2G GSM applications for deployment on its network. This meant that customers could not develop any more new GSM M2M products for use or sale in the U.S. Earlier this year, AT&T also stopped provisioning new Subscriber Identity Modules (“SIM”) for existing, certified, 2G GSM devices and applications. This means that customers cannot deploy any more 2G GSM devices into their existing M2M applications installed base.

The Aeris Communications white paper, “2G GSM Sunset: A Call to Action for M2M Healthcare Providers,” outlines the issues for M2M healthcare providers and offers best options available for them. Sections in the white paper, include:

    • Digital cellular technology choices for healthcare

    • The growth in smart phones and mobile data traffic

    • The introduction of 4G in healthcare deployments

    • Alternatives to 2G GSM for healthcare devices



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