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Improve DIY Smart Home Security System User Experience with SIM Card Provisioning

The home security system industry is growing as smart home technology becomes more accessible and home insurance companies are more readily providing discount incentives to homeowners who use such smart systems. Research from Markets and Markets estimates that annual sales in alarm monitoring systems will reach $60 billion by 2023. In particular,...

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Smarter Cities: How IoT Applications Are Raising the Standard of City Living

Much has been written about smart cities and the IoT frameworks and applications that make smart cities work. Smart meters, smart traffic lights, and smart utilities are well established technologies used by cities and governments around the world, but what about the lesser known technologies that enhance living standards in more subtle ways?...

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Five Commonly Asked ELD Mandate Questions Answered by Aeris and M2M Datasmart

Set for December 16, 2019, the final deadline to meet the ELD mandate is fast approaching. At the core of the new mandate is the IoT technology that replaces the cumbersome paper trail of the dated Hours of Service (HOS) and other fleet logging systems. In a recent webinar, Aeris CTO and founder, Syed Zaeem Hosain, conversed with representatives...

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Definitive Guide: Internet of Things for Business―Chapter One Vlog

The Internet of Things is the next logical step in the story of a connected world. At the heart of IoT is data—the ability to collect it, analyze it, and react to it, so as to create new revenue streams, new value. The IoT combines the technologies found in M2M and earlier data telemetry terms and expands them with an even greater accumulation of...

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IoT and MaaS: Providing Users with the Ultimate Service-Based Transportation Solution

The shift toward service-based transportation is growing. According to Statistica, the rideshare market, which includes service providers such as Lyft and Uber, is expected to increase from a 9.8% penetration rate in 2018 to 13.3% by 2022. Although, service-based transportation incorporates more options than rideshare alone. Bikeshare, scooter...

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