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Improving the Insurance Claim Process with IoT Connected Devices and Smart Data

By default, there is a high level of stress when filing an insurance claim because policyholders often are dealing with a major loss, such as a wrecked vehicle or a damaged home. The impact that information from their reporting can have on the outcome of their coverage also can create stress in the reporting process. Furthermore, processing a...

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Five Examples Where Experiential Wayfinding Improves Navigational Flow

In buildings such as shopping malls and airports, it can be a complex task for people to find their way through multiple annexes, extensions, floors, flights, and even indoor tram systems. In many cases, complex buildings need their own navigation systems, and GPS is hardly usable when it comes to traversing indoor spaces.

Experiential wayfinding...

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On-Grid Solar: A Very Bright Future

In 2017, the solar industry generated more than $17 billion into the American economy, providing more than 250,000 solar-related jobs. This is a doubling of the solar workforce just since 2012.

And in spite of recent tariffs taking a toll on the industry, market experts expect solar expansion to resume its fast growth pace within a year. Aside...

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Five IoT Trends Predicted to Take Off in 2019

At the end of 2017, Forbes made the projection that the international IoT market was expected to grow to $8.9 trillion by 2020, as trillion-dollar enterprises integrate IoT into the crux of their business growth. Is that projection still shaping up to be true?

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Three Ideas for Saving Bee Communities with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bridging the gap between technology and the natural world by providing nature-based startups with solutions to overcome some of their most prevailing environmental concerns. Take, for example, the health of bees. According to an account from the Bee Informed Partnership, beekeepers lost more than 44% of their bee...

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